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With over five billion people on the Internet, potentially two-thirds of the world‘s population can create content and upload it to social media platforms. Since illegal, disturbing, and immoral content exists among the content, it seems essential to moderate the diverse content. Content moderation can be done with the help of algorithms or by humans. The task is the same: Delete or Ignore - is content deleted or allowed to stay. Once images are on the web, censorship can occur and attempts to escape it. The act of image manipulation begins: altercation. This creates an idiosyncratic visuality, which has a considerable influence on our perception.
Delete, Ignore or Alter. This decision seems trivial, but behind it lie political, cultural and moral value systems, specific aesthetics as well as dominant power constellations, which are examined more closely in this book.
2022 — booklet — 68 pages
In cooperation with Ella Zickerick, Hannah Charlotte Krause and Levi Stein.
Delete - Ignore - Alter