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Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, more and more people are working from home, blurring the lines between personal and work space. The need for a retreat to relax and the desire for vacations are on the rise.
Vacation can be defined as „the absence of a person from his or her performed activity for the purpose of recreation.“ This means that as soon as a person goes on a break during their working hours, they are in a state of vacation.
The Vacation Simulator is a workplace installation that critically questions the precarious state of home office. The integrated camera permanently monitors the movement of your eyes. If your eyes have left the screen for too long, the smart device reacts and locks the screen for a few minutes. During this time, a selection of pictures that can be found under the search term „vacation“ is shown. In mode 2, a photo is taken of you every time you look around the room. At the end of the working day you can look at the vacation pictures taken by the simulator.
2021 — video — 1:51min
In cooperation with Tom Behrisch
Vacation Simulator