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In my design practice I explore the impact of technologies on society, in particular artificial intelligence, automation, and labor. Here, the focus is on exploring possibilities outside of current paradigms - whether they are paradigms of aesthetics, usage, technology, or economic boundaries. My work results from the combination of sound, image and text, digital and analog.
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since 2023
Master “Experimental Publishing” at Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam
2019 — 2023
Bachelor “Product and Communication Design” at University of Applied Sciences Dresden
2017 — 2019
Diplom "Mechatronik" at Technische Universität Dresden
work experiences
since 2022
part of Prompt Battle
2022 — 2023
tutor for vocational orientation for the 8th grade in the topics automation and robotics at Handwerkskammer Dresden
graphic designer at the NGO Tactical Tech, Berlin
co-development of the exhibiton Outside the Bounding Box at GEH8, Dresden
2021 — 2022
graphic design intern at the NGO Tactical Tech, Berlin
since 2019
co-founding member of the project Änderei: pop-up store and space for arts, crafts and performances in Dresden