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Artificial intelligence (AI) is now the ubiquitous pace-setter of automation. At the same time, it is projection surface for speculative futures. It is already here and yet always in the process of being created, It always remains a draft, has to be shaped and redesigned. In the process of machine learning AI is trained with comprehensive data sets, e.g. with millions of images, in order to build a model of the world. Bounding boxes frame the objects recognized and classified by the machine. What lies outside the bounding box does not exist for the AI. As young designers, we address questions that go beyond the binary view of the machine: Will our work one day be done by machines and will our creations be made obsolete? Or is increasing automation the long-awaited salvation from permanent overwork? What can productive collaboration between man and machine look like? And is creativity really only man-made? As a self-organized team of bachelor and master students of the faculty of design of the Dresden University of Applied Sciences, we show a spectrum of critical, experimental and artistic works. The projects make it possible to experience in an aesthetic way, what is outside of what is visible and classifiable for the machine. Our design perspective allows a special access, as we work with the technologies as well as being affected by them. We invite you to Outside the Bounding Box to think about, discuss and actively shape the present and future with AI.
2021 — exhibition — GEH8 Dresden ↗


Bastian Caspari, Robin Escher, Paul Förster, Bernadette Geiger, Lasse Grimm, Robert Hellwig, Felix Hoffmann, Victoria Itter, Emily Krause, Hannah Charlotte Krause, Jessica Lasch, Franz Richter, Nico Rützel, Lina Schwarzenberg, Levi Ameon Stein, Vanessa Wahls, Ella Zickerick


Bernadette Geiger, Emily Krause, Lina Schwarzenberg, Levi Stein, Helena Strauch Stoll, Vanessa Wahls, Ella Zickerick


Prof. Dr. phil. Florian A. Schmidt, Prof. Dipl.-Des. Sebastian Schmieg
This project was supportet by the University of Applied Sciences Dresden and Studentenwerk Dresden.
Outside the Bounding Box - Junge Designpositionen zu künstlicher Intelligenz

Photos by Robert Hellwig, 2021