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Prompt Battle is a live competition using text-to-image software to create surprising, disturbing or beautiful images. OpenAI‘s DALL·E 2 image generator was released in April 2022, accompanied by a document contemplating potential risks and limitations of the new technology. Access to this technology may give prompt engineers a first-mover advantage.
Other models such as Imagen, Craiyon, and Midjourney are also available for developing prompt engineering techniques. Promptism is a new inflection point in image creation, replacing precise pixel pushing with incantations to navigate the latent space and reveal what data has been clandestinely fed into the apparatus.
2022 — competition — ca. 90 minutes
Format developed by Florian A. Schmidt and Sebastian Schmieg at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden. In cooperation with Ella Zickerick, Emily Krause, Levi Stein, Lina Schwarzenberg, Robert Hellwig and Bernadette Geiger
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Prompt Battle

PB #1, Hellerau 10/2022, photo by Robert Hellwig

PB #3, Transmedial 02/2023, photo by Robert Hellwig

PB #3, Transmedial 02/2023, photo by Robert Hellwig

PB #8, re:publica 06/2023, photo by Lina Schwarzenberg

PB #17, HEK Basel 10/2023, photo by Simon Krieger